RV and Trailer Parking

Ordinance 4916

The city of El Cajon is unveiling its new web based RV Parking Permit System. Effective today, Friday May 15, 2009, residents of El Cajon who wish to park their RVs on city streets will be required to obtain a permit to avoid being cited. The permits are free of charge and available on line by going through the City of El Cajon’s web page. A link is also available from the El Cajon Police Department’s web page.

The parking permit system is in response to hundreds of complaints received by the city from community members expressing concern about RV parking on city streets. Many complaints centered around RV owners using city streets to park and store motor homes and trailers. After extensive research, the city enacted ordinance 10.28.070 which requires RV owners in El Cajon to obtain a permit in order to park on city streets. A link on the city web page will direct viewers to the actual city ordinance.

The ordinance went into effect on August 1, 2008, and the city contracted with a software firm to develop a user friendly program that would allow members of the community to easily obtain the free permits. The software program was recently completed and the program has been added to the city’s web page. The web site contains a page for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding the permit system and El Cajon residents with RVs are encouraged to view this page for more information.

The permit system allows RV owners, who live within the city limits of El Cajon, to receive a one day parking permit for their motor homes and trailers. The permits are valid for a 24 hour period and residents can apply for three at one time. Residents will only be allowed 52 RV parking permits per year. RVs parked on city streets without permits will be subject to parking enforcement. There will be a thirty day grace period in effect until June 25, 2009 during which time those RVs in violation of the city ordinance will receive a written warning. After June 25, 2009, those RVs parked on city streets without a permit will receive a citation.

El Cajon Municipal Code Title 10, Section 10.28.070 4916(PDF)

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