Check Case Status

There are two ways to check the status of a crime report that has already been taken.
You can call the Investigations Division to determine the investigative status of your crime report. They will be able to tell you if the case was assigned to a detective and if any leads have been developed. The Investigations Division telephone number is (619) 579-3320

You can also contact the Investigations Division via e-mail.

For cases involving a crime of violence, such as a robbery or an assault, please contact
Crimes of Violence Sergeant, R. Bates.

For cases involving an issue related to child abuse, sex crimes or domestic violence, please contact
Family Protection Unit Sergeant, R. Bates.

For cases involving property crimes such as auto theft, burglary, fraud/forgery or identity theft, please contact
Crimes against Property Sergeant, J. Taub.

For issues related to narcotics complaints, please contact
Special Investigations Unit Sergeant, Pete Faubel.