Privacy Policy

The El Cajon Police Web Site currently uses cookies for the purpose of tracking the number of visitors to our site. We wish to know the number of people visiting our site and the pages which generate the most hits. This allows us to improve our site based on user interest. No personal information, such as your name, is maintained. We do not provide this information to anyone outside of our agency.

You can opt out of receiving any cookies. Set your web browser to refuse to accept cookies and our site will still work correctly for you. If you have received a cookie from us and you want to remove it, use your browser tools to erase it.

You can get more information by searching the web for “web cookies”.

If you are interested in privacy, please recognize that unless you are protected by a firewall, essentially ANY web server can see your computer address. Your computer address has to be known by the web server to send a response back to you.