Records FAQ

General Information

Q: What are the office hours and how do I get there?

A: The Records Division is open to the public, Monday through Thursday (8 am – 5 pm) & on Friday’s from 9am to 5pm, excluding holidays. Beginning, September 02, 2011, Records will be closed to the public every other Friday for all services except vehicle repossessions and impound releases. We are located at 100 Civic Center Way, El Cajon, CA 92020.

Q: How do I get in touch with a police officer after business hours?

A: Click this link for hours of operation. Outside of those hours; the phones are forwarded to our dispatch center. This 24-hour dispatch center is the primary contact for all fire, police, and emergency medical service agencies, and is also the 911 center for all El Cajon. All phone lines are recorded at this agency.

Q: Which police department do I report a crime to?

A: Report crimes to the police agency where the crime occurred. Only crimes that occur within the city limits of El Cajon should be reported to the El Cajon Police.

Q: What should I do if I suspect a neighbor is doing something illegal?

A: If you suspect a neighbor of performing some type of illegal activity, (domestic violence, child abuse, drug use, etc.) we ask that you report this even if you don’t want to become involved. First of all, please consider calling 911 if the incident is in progress. The 911 center will have access to your phone number and address if you call them, however, you can ask to remain anonymous and not leave your name. If you dial the police department or dispatch directly (not on 911), your phone information is not available to the person answering the phone.

Police Reports

Q: Who can obtain a copy of a police crime report?

A: To obtain a copy of a traffic accident, you must be listed as the driver, passenger, or an authorized representative of the people listed in the report or someone filing a claim. To obtain a copy of a property or crime against a person report, you must provide a case number or other information to assist in identifying the incident. The report may be released if it is not still under investigation or restricted. We do not release copies of arrest reports.

If you are the arrested party on a police report, you may obtain information through the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office when you appear in court for arraignment. If a juvenile is listed on the police report as a suspect, is arrested, or involved in criminal activity which may result in dependency procedures, you may only obtain a copy of a report after obtaining a court order through the San Diego County Juvenile Court.

Q: How do I obtain a copy of a police crime report?

A: Citizens wishing to obtain a copy of a police crime report may request one in person or by mail. Come to the Records Department Public Counter located at 100 Civic Center Way, during normal hours of operation.

You will need to complete this Request Form (pdf), which states your interest in the police report, and pay an administrative fee of $10.00. Please include the case number or detailed information to assist us in determining the correct case number. You can only obtain copies of reports in which you are the victim, property owner, insurance company representative, attorney or parent of a juvenile who is the victim of a crime. If you do not meet these criteria, your request will be returned and any payment of fees refunded.

All report copies are mailed to the address listed on the report order form. Once your request has been received, please allow 7-10 business days for your report to arrive in the mail.

Q: How do I request an accident report by mail?

A: You can request a copy of a report by printing the Request Form (pdf), which requires the following information: your names, case number, date and time occurred, what type of incident, and the need for the information. There is an $10.00 administrative fee for copies of reports with less than 15 pages. Reports with more than 15 pages will be charged and additional $.10 per page. Please make your cashiers check or money order only payable to the City of El Cajon. NO CASH will be accepted by mail. Requests are processed in the order received. Please allow 7-10 business days to process your request.

All report copies are mailed to the address listed on the report order form.

Please send your request, along with payment to:
El Cajon Police Department
Attention: Records Division (Report Request)
100 Civic Center Way, El Cajon, CA 92020.

Live Scan and Ink Fingerprint Services are unavailable at this location! For a list service locations, please visit this list of locations.

Fingerprint/Registration Information
(No one under the age of 18 is permitted in fingerprint areas unless they are being printed)

Q: How do I get fingerprinted for a Misdemeanor Citation before court?

A: Misdemeanor fingerprints are done on Tuesdays only from 1pm – 4pm on a walk in basis. There is no fee for this service. You must bring the original citation and have valid photo identification (California/State Drivers License or Identification Card, Military Identification Card) in order to have your prints taken.

Parking Information

Q: How do I pay or contest a ticket?

A. When you receive a parking ticket from The El Cajon Police Department, the ticket will indicate if you have been assessed a penalty or a corrective action. You may request an Administrative Hearing of your parking ticket within 21 days of the date of issue. After 21 days, parking tickets may not be contested and must be paid. To request a review of your parking ticket, follow the instructions on the back of your ticket or click here for a Parking Ticket Administrative Review (pdf) form to request an Administrative Review.

To Pay a parking ticket, visit The El Cajon Police Department during normal business hours, call 1-866-424-8541 to pay by phone, or visit to pay online.

Q: What happens if I don’t pay a fine on a ticket?

A. Unpaid parking citations will have late penalties added to the original fine, be referred to a collection agency, and will place a DMV hold on your vehicle registration. Even one unpaid parking citation can result in a DMV hold. DMV holds on vehicle registration will prevent you from being able to register your vehicle until all parking tickets are paid. Failure to pay five or more parking tickets can lead to your vehicle being towed per California Vehicle Code 22651(i).

Vehicle Information

Q: How do I report my vehicle stolen?

A: Call the El Cajon Police Department Communications Center at (619) 579-3311.

Q: How can I get a release for my vehicle?

A: Come to the El Cajon Police Department Headquarters Main Lobby, Public Counter located at 100 Civic Center Way, during normal hours of operation. The vehicle must be currently registered. The vehicle will only be released to the licensed registered owner*. If the registered owner does not have a valid driver’s license he or she will need a State of California identification card, or another acceptable form of identification, and accompanied by a valid, licensed driver.

*With the registered owner’s consent, a vehicle release can be issued to another licensed driver. You must contact the El Cajon Police at (619) 579-3365, for this requirement. Only the driver listed on the vehicle release may obtain the vehicle from the tow yard.


Q: How much will it cost? How can I pay for it?

A: The vehicle release fee is:
$135 or $150 ($150 if any driver license violation; i.e., No Driver License, Suspended or Expired Driver License), these fees are payable to the City of El Cajon and payable by cash, cashiers check, postal money order or credit card. You will be given the Tow Company’s name, address and phone number to reclaim your vehicle after all fees have been paid.

Q: My vehicle was impounded for driving with a suspended driver’s license. What happens now?

A: California Vehicle Code section 14602.6 mandates the impoundment of a vehicle if the driver is cited for driving with a suspended license. The vehicle can be impounded for 30 days. The owner of the vehicle is responsible for storage fees. At the end of the 30-day hold period, you will be able to obtain a vehicle release and pick up your vehicle from the tow company. For more information, please come to the Records Division Business Office during normal business hours.

Q: My vehicle was impounded for 30 days, what can I do?

A: If your car has been impounded for 30 days, you may request a “Post Storage Hearing” to appeal the impound. You must submit your request within 10 days of the date of the impound. You may come in to the police station for a copy of this request, or you can download the “Request for Vehicle Storage Hearing”, fill it out, and bring it to the station. A hearing officer will call you within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) to schedule an appointment.