Mission Statement

The Records Department is dedicated to maintaining and ensuring the integrity of data generated by the El Cajon Police Department in order to provide the public and other law enforcement agencies with information.

Who We Are

The manager of the Records Department serves as custodian of all official police reports and documents and has the responsibility for ensuring that all information and reports are secured and where appropriate, released in compliance with the law. The Records Department is staffed with dedicated Secretaries and Police Records Specialists under the direction of Records Supervisors. We are open and available to the public from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M., Monday through Friday (excluding Holidays) to provide courteous and efficient walk-up service.

Services We Provide

The Records Department is organized to maintain criminal history and crime report files, process and distribute incoming police reports, provide over-the-counter services to citizens, provide statewide teletype service to support the Department, provide law enforcement officers with access to this information and report mandated statistical information to the Department of Justice.

In addition to information system entries, the Records staff are responsible for many duties, such as:
- Providing information and copies of police reports
- Parking and citation payments and disputes
- Background checks
- Providing vehicle information for impounded and reposed vehicles
- Process applications for masseuse, cabaret workers, security guards and business licenses

Obtaining Police Reports

LiveScan Locations

Contact Information (main PD contact page)
Email –
Phone – (619) 579-3365
Fax – (619) 444-8312

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