Statistics and Training

Communications Center Statistics

On average the Communications Center handles 165,000 call for service per year. With this yearly average, the Communications Center has 13,800 call per month. Of those 13,800 calls, an average of 1,750 are wireless 911 calls, and 3,500 are land line 911 calls.

Communications Center Technology Information

The Communications Center is equipped to handle eight positions. Five of the stations are phone stations, which handle the incoming calls. Two of the stations are set up for dispatchers to deal directly with officers in the field. The eighth station is the supervisors station. The two dispatcher stations are set up with four computer monitors each, as not all their work will fit on one screen. Two of the screens deal with the dispatch function, showing the status of calls that are pending, available resources and officer status. A third monitor is used to manage the multiple radio frequencies available to the department. Regionally, we have radio systems allowing us to talk to all other departments in the area. The fourth monitor is used for general purpose computing, connection to our local network and to access to records checks for officers in the field. Each call taker and supervisor station is equipped with three computer monitors. The first monitor shows calls pending and officer status. The second monitor all incoming calls on normal lines and also to manage our 911 system. The 911 system allows us to use the Automated Location Index (ALI) to know the phone number and location of incoming phone calls. A recent upgrade allows us to track both landline and cell phone. The last monitor is the general use computer system for local access and records checks.

Our system is fully integrated, with the Communications Center computer able to communicate with the mobile computers in the police cars. This allows us to send calls over the radio or the computer and to allow for car messages.

Training Program

The El Cajon Police Communications personnel receive professional an on going training to ensure that the best possible service is provided to the citizens of El Cajon.

Our Communications Division is committed to exceeding state requirements, and providing additional training on numerous topics. Training topics include domestic violence training, hostage negotiation and training our staff to provide professional and courteous service to our citizens.